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What is the order process?

The process usually begins with an one-on-one appointment with our team, where we would advise and walk you through the following stages:

Design Selection

It can be slightly confusing and overwhelming when viewing our extensive collection. We attempt to narrow down the selection of designs by understanding the intended purpose of the shoes (e.g. for client facing work purposes, wedding, or leisure, etc), and thereafter recommending certain models for the customer's consideration.

Online: Our designs are categorised broadly by design type (Oxford, Derby, etc) and can be further refined by tag searches (Brogues, Tassels, etc) to assist in finding a suitable design. Should you require more detailed assistance, please feel free to drop us an email!

Please click here to start browsing by design.

Colour/Material Selection

Depending on the intended purposes of the shoes and the outfits and/or the customer's existing wardrobe, this is where we show and advise our customers on all the colours available in our colour swatches.

Exotic and Premium Materials swatch books are also available for browsing.

Online: We currently only offer the Classic Package for online orders.

Please click here to view the Visual Colour Guide.

Measurement & Fitting

Our senior advisers are experienced and qualified shoe fitters. With a extraordinarily large range of sizes and widths, we are usually able to find a comfortable fitting size, while at the same time making sure that the proportions of the shoes are in line with the customer's height profile, usual pants break and leg opening preferences.

We stock in-store a full set of fitting shoes ranging from sizes UK5, graduated in half-sizes to UK 12, with E and EE widths for all sizes. We also carry fitting loafers in the same sizes but only in E widths, as we prefer to fit loafers snugly due to the inherent difficulty in loafer sizing.

Online: If you are unable to head by our store in person to be fitted up, we provide a Size Measurement Guide in order to estimate your size. Please note that we are unable to guarantee a good fit for orders made using this method.

Please click here to download the Size Measurement Guide to estimate your size.

Last/ Toe Shape Selection

We currently offer 4 lasts with subtly different toe shapes. As we have previously redesigned all our lasts to fit the same in terms of width and length, the choice here is more to do with the aesthetics of the shoes rather than the fitting.

The standardisation of the width and length was so that you will always know your size in our shoes regardless of the design or shape previously used.

The 4 Toe Shapes are:

  • Sharp Chisel
  • Soft Chisel
  • Round Chisel
  • Soft Round

Please click here to view the Lasts & Toe Shapes Guide.


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