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What do the different Packages offer?

To make our Made To Order pricing affordable and easy to understand, we have categorised them by colour and materials into 5 main Packages. All options detailed previously (size, width, toe shapes, design) are the same for all packages.

Classic Package
Dark Brown
Classic Package Gallery
The Classic Package is by far our most popular Package. The colours we have chosen to include in this Package are designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life, be it for work or for leisure. The colours included are Black, Dark Brown, Mid Brown, Antique Brown, Midnight Blue and Burgundy.
The Classic Package is available for order right here on this site.
Dandy Package (In-store Only)
Dandy Package Gallery
The Dandy Package are for those who desire bolder colours. Hand painted from scratch and with over 15 colours to choose from, this is the Package to go for your Electric Blue, Racing Green and Bright Yellow fix.
Patina Package (In-store Only)
Patina Package Gallery
Choose a base colour and up to 2 accent colours and let our patina artist work their magic! Our house style features a soft, blended patina with graduated colours mixed with bold accents.
Exotic Package (In-store Only)
Exotic Package Gallery
Exotic materials such as Crocodile, Ostrich and others are also available to choose from in any colour from our swatches, or choose up to 3 and let us perform our signature patina work on your commission!
Premium Package (In-store Only)
S$389 - S$889
Premium Package Gallery
We also offer a limited selection of Premium Materials such as Annonay Vocalou, Anilene Calf, Horween Cordovan, Russian Hatch Grain Calf, Weinheimer Box Calf, Charles F Stead Reverse suedes and more. Prices quoted are for a completed pair of shoes.


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>What do the different Packages offer?

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