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About Us

Ed Et Al Shoemakers is a Singaporean company of shoemakers specialising in high quality dress shoes. Founded in 2010 as a bespoke only outfit, we have grown to offer many other services such as our Ready To Wear shoes and Prestige hand made shoes.

We have since evolved into a mainly Made To Order company, providing a limited customisation service allowing you to choose your preferred design, colour and toe shape in your size and width, using standard lasts and patterns.

Our shoes are crafted by experienced shoemakers in our factories located in Saigon, Vietnam. Patina or the hand dyeing of our shoes are done by Singaporean artisans in our Singapore workshop. We also operate a fully equipped shoe repair workshop, specialising in Goodyear Welted repairs among others.


Edwin Neo
Shoemaker, Designer

Our head in-house shoemaker and designer, he started in the industry as a shoe repairer. After gaining years of invaluable experience on the job, the urge to create intensified. He would eventually take the plunge and embark on an apprenticeship in Budapest, Hungary, under the tutelage of a Master Shoemaker.

After returning to Singapore, he started crafting bespoke men’s shoes for the discerning customer. He realized then that the choices for fine men’s shoes in Singapore are minimal. The customer is deprived of the luxury of owning a pair of well made shoes.

Bearing a desire to satisfy the local market, the company Ed Et Al was dreamt up and realized.


Taking cues from the classic designs that have truly stood the test of time, our designs never strays too far from the basics. However, experimenting beyond the norm with exotic materials and delicate designs has also come to be known as one of our signature design elements.

In our custom work, we exist only to bring the vision of the client to life with our aesthetic values and commitment to craftsmanship.