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Lion & The Star

Lion & The Star (LaST) is a new label specialising in well made and affordable dress shoes for men. The label is a collaboration between Singapore's Ed Et Al Shoemakers and Japan/Vietnam's Fugashin Shoemakers.
Conceived as a way to meld the wealth of experience in shoemaking, design and retail of each parent company, the label is named with signature elements of their home country; the Lion for Singapore and the Star for Vietnam.
Fittingly, the acronym we have adopted for the label is LaST. The shoe last is the foundation upon which shoes are made - a favourite quote of shoemakers all around the world is :  "The last comes first."
Lion & The Star will focus on Ready To Wear collections at the start, employing techniques such as Blake Stitching and Goodyear Welting as standard construction methods. In the near future, we will offer more services such as Custom Made and Patina work as the merging of the parent companies' substantial design catalogues complete.


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