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Group MTO

Group MTOs is essentially a crowdsourced service whereby we will make shoes using premium leathers and colours in our classic designs done in small groups. Our GMTOs will run for a month each time and this first run will end on the 13th of December, Saturday.

For a start, we will only require a minimum of 10 orders per group before the closing date for this GMTO to be put into production.

For this inaugural run, we have picked out two of our most popular classic designs, the City Hall and the Outram. The City Hall will be done in Black Weinheimer Box Calf and the Outram will be done in Oxblood Vocalou Aniline Calf from Tannerie d'Annonay. Both designs on offer will retail at S$499.

Sizes are offered from UK4.5 all the way up to UK12 as well as the choice of E or EE widths. Fitting shoes are available for try-on at our store in Millenia Walk. The shoes will be finished with a closed channel stitch and painted with an unique bottle green patina outsole.

Full payment will be collected at the point of order and we can expect the shoes to be ready in about 4-6 weeks after the closing date.


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