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FAQ: Why did we choose to make the End Of Season Sale an online exclusive?

Hi friends!

Since we started our End Of Season Sale, we have been asked numerous times why we decided to make it an online exclusive. I would love to take this opportunity to explain our decision!

1. Lack of storage at our store. We have way too much stock to be able to comfortably store them at our shopfront, as we also stock current collections for sale.

2. Expectation of demand. With our past experience running sales and events, we had anticipated a large number of customers who would be interested in our offers. As the store is not very big and we also have limited manpower, an online event felt like the best route. Even so, we invite customers to drop by for fittings to ensure the right size for them.

3. Ease of browsing. Seasonal sale events can be overwhelming when there are so many other customers jostling for a finite amount of space. We decided to list all our stock online so our customers gets to browse our offers at their convenience, be it on a computer or an iPad.

4. Quality Control. Having the shoes sent out from our warehouse/workshop enables us to do a final quality check before the shoes are sent out. These checks includes a check on defects we might have missed out, or a simple clean-up and polish.

5. Extended sale period and timing. With an online exclusive event, we are able to run the sale for much longer than if we had ran it at our physical store. Customers are also not limited to the hours that the store is open for business, given that our online store is open 24/7.

So there we are! Just a few reasons why this year we decided to run the eventĀ online and our thought process behind the decision. To make things easier for all our customers, remember that we offer free local shipping for Singaporean addresses!


Edwin Neo