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Our By Request Service : Order Any of Our Designs in Your Size in 2 Widths

For those of you who have been unable to find quality shoes in your sizes - fret no more.

Our By Request service allows us to take orders for any any of the designs in our extensive catalogue and in 2 different widths. Probe further and you will also see that you can change the colours for no extra charge to our 4 basic colourways: black, antique brown, dark brown and chocolate suede.

By Request sizes runs from UK5 to UK12, and can be made in E or EE widths for our standard lace-ups or monk straps. In 4 - 6 weeks, we would have completed the production of a pair of shoes that was made just for you, and ready for delivery.

Should you yearn for a little more personalisation, we have a full options list that ranges from patina colours, premium or exotic leathers, to engraving your initials on the outsole or even on the uppers itself. You are only charged for each option that you choose, making the shoes that you order truly personalised.

To find out more, please drop by our store at Millenia Walk, or drop us a call or email with your queries.


Store: +65 6337 8919

Whatsapp/ SMS : +65 9224 4728

See you soon!

Edwin Neo