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New leathers, new lasts, new designs

Dear friends,

This year marks the 5th year since Ed Et AL Shoemakers was set up. Some of you may remember heading to Jalan Kilang for appointments with us to get your shoes made! There are some important information in this message, and I seek your patience to read til the end.
Since our founding, we've grown quite a fair bit, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers past and present for your support. At 5 years of age, we are still a very young company, and we strive to constantly improve our products and service based on feedback, praise or criticisms. While we are not perfect, and likely will never be perfect to everyone, we do try our best within the resources that we have.
Some of the feedback that has been gathered or given to us was that the quality of our leathers could be improved. We have been looking for a cost-effective alternative that would allow us to keep to our price points while offering more value to our customers. There were issues with the colourways that we wanted to offer and design for, and many of the leathers we looked at were either not to our satisfaction in one colour or another, or had quality or delivery issues. More importantly, we wanted the shoes to look alive, with depth of colour. I am happy to say that we have found a good solution to this conundrum.
Instead of looking elsewhere for a solution, we turned inside and looked at our own capabilities as shoemakers. The Italian crust leathers that we use specifically for our By Request (MTO) patina shoes were of a good, consistent quality, takes polishes well and are fairly scratch resistant - ticking off all the boxes. Since we are also capable of hand dyeing our leathers in-house, the answer seemed to be looking at us right in face: dye our own leathers.
Thus we began a journey to formulate the right colours in dark brown, antique brown and burgundy - the very colours that we wanted to offer. We still use a tannery-finished Italian black calf. This new development gives us the option to formulate new exciting colours for our RTW in the future. While it is a different process from the way we hand-paint our By Request shoes, it is still a skill-intensive process. We think that the results are well worth the extra work though.
Another thing that has been at the forefront of our development was the inconsistencies of our lasts fitting from model to model. What this meant was that if you wore a 6.5 in our City Hall II, it may not be the right size in a Clemenceau, which used a different last. In order to totally eliminate this issue, we have withdrawn all our previous lasts from production and developed a set of 4 new lasts, subtle in toe shape differences, but similar in length and width measurements. We also took this chance to adjust the lasts in order to produce a sleeker looking shoe yet with a comfortable fit.
With this system in place, it will ensure that you always know your size once you have been fitted for lace-ups and loafers. In order to facilitate the fitting, we have also produced all-new fitting shoes in E and EE widths, and fitting loafers in E width, which will be available in-store shortly. These fitting shoes will also be travelling with us on trunk shows, so for those of you who are not based in Singapore, do drop by our trunk shows if we are in your city and get to know your size. The same lasts will be used for our By Request and Prestige line of shoes.
All of the above changes will be implemented with our upcoming Sixth Collection, which consists of 8 brand new designs with 16 colourways in total. The Sixth Collection will be launched in mid July, and we will be releasing images shortly on our social media pages and on our website at
The Sixth Collection marks a new chapter in our short history, as we try to evolve from our missteps in order to generate better value for our customers. There will be more information forthcoming about a revamped Pre-Order service, By Request (MTO) service, and our new semi-bespoke range of Prestige shoes, so do stay tuned for updates from us!
Thank you for your patience in reading this message, and we hope the new developments are as exciting to you as they have been for us!
Yours sincerely,
Edwin Neo
Head Shoemaker, Designer