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FAQ: Why did we choose to make the End Of Season Sale an online exclusive?

Hi friends! Since we started our End Of Season Sale, we have been asked numerous times why we decided to make it an online exclusive. I would love to take this opportunity to explain our decision! 1. Lack of storage at our store. We have way too much stock to be able to comfortably store them at our shopfront, as we also stock current collections for sale. 2. Expectation of demand. With our past experience running sales and events, we had anticipated a large number of customers who would be interested in our offers. As the store is not very big and we also have limited manpower, an online event felt like the best route. Even so, we invite customers...

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By Request & Pre-Orders - Explained

  Since the launch of our Pre-Order service a few years back, we have had mixed reactions. Some love it, but we also have customers who have complained about the long wait time (4 - 6 weeks currently). It seemed opportune that with the merging of Pre-Orders into our By Request service, that I try to explain a little about why we continue to provide this service. 1. Choice of basic colours. You can choose from all 5 of our basic colours - Black, Burgundy, Antique Brown, Dark Brown calf, and Chocolate suede, for no extra charge. Even if the shoes was never produced in that particular colour, you can have it made, right now, through the pre-order service. 2. Wide...

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Our By Request Service : Order Any of Our Designs in Your Size in 2 Widths

For those of you who have been unable to find quality shoes in your sizes - fret no more. Our By Request service allows us to take orders for any any of the designs in our extensive catalogue and in 2 different widths. Probe further and you will also see that you can change the colours for no extra charge to our 4 basic colourways: black, antique brown, dark brown and chocolate suede. By Request sizes runs from UK5 to UK12, and can be made in E or EE widths for our standard lace-ups or monk straps. In 4 - 6 weeks, we would have completed the production of a pair of shoes that was made just for you, and...

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Sweeping Changes to By Request & Pre-Order Services

Dear friends, Following up with the recent announcement on our upgraded Ready To Wear Collection, I am happy to now also announce some changes to our By Request service. I think the new changes will make a lot more sense to our clients, so please do read til the end. I’ll keep it short, I promise. Pre-Orders First, our Pre-Order service will be merged into our By Request service, and we have committed to shorten delivery lead time from the current 6-8 weeks to 4-6 weeks. Lists will close every week so your orders will not be delayed unnecessarily. As this service grows and our processes matures, the target is for us to deliver in 2-4 weeks eventually. With your...

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New leathers, new lasts, new designs

Dear friends, This year marks the 5th year since Ed Et AL Shoemakers was set up. Some of you may remember heading to Jalan Kilang for appointments with us to get your shoes made! There are some important information in this message, and I seek your patience to read til the end. Since our founding, we've grown quite a fair bit, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers past and present for your support. At 5 years of age, we are still a very young company, and we strive to constantly improve our products and service based on feedback, praise or criticisms. While we are not perfect, and likely will never be perfect...

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