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Founded in 2010, we are a Singaporean company of shoemakers, artisans, retailers and menswear enthusiasts. We specialise in the making, sourcing, servicing and retail of high quality leather dress shoes for men.

We have operated and experimented since our inception at all levels of the market, from affordable Ready To Wear to exclusive bespoke and handcrafted shoes. We now firmly believe through our experience that good quality products does not need to come with impossible price tags. 

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Lion & The Star (LaST) is a new label specialising in well made and affordable dress shoes for men and is a collaboration between Singapore's Ed Et Al Shoemakers and Japan/Vietnam's Fugashin Shoemakers.

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 We offer a Made To Order limited customisation service allowing you to choose your preferred design, colour and toe shape in your size and width, using standard lasts and patterns.

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